Tandem paragliding flights Kobarid, Slovenia

Enjoy a tandem paragliding flight with beautiful views of the Julian Alps and the Soča River from above, in the most simple and pure way.

Tandem paragliding Tolmin

What to expect?

For a tandem paragliding flight Kobarid no previous experience is needed. All you need is a pair of sport shoes and the desire to fly. From the meeting point in Kobarid, we drive to one of the local paragliding takeoffs. Most often we fly from the Kuk, Matajur, Stol or Ozben mountain. Once we arrive at the takeoff location, your pilot prepares all equipment, helps you put on the harness and after short instructions you are ready to fly. Tandem paragliding flight Kobarid is calm, with just the sound of the wind, full of emotion and unforgettable views. Our landing area in Kobarid is next to the petrol station, from where we drive you back to the meeting point.

The whole tour takes about 2 hours, which includes transport, preparation and time spent in the air. Tandem paragliding flight Kobarid generally lasts from 15 – 30 minutes, but sometimes varies, as the duration also depends on the weather conditions and passenger desires.

We fly all year round, whenever the weather is suitable.

To have a safe flight, passenger weight should be more than 35 kg and shouldn’t exceed 100 kg.

Price: 160


Tandem kayaking on Soča River, Slovenia

Experience a real taste of whitewater kayaking on the Soča River in first class.

tandem kayaking on soca river

With a tandem kayak and a professional guide in the back seat, you have a unique opportunity to see places that others can’t. While running some of the best rapids Soča has to offer, you can also enjoy the spectacular canyons and amazing views of the high mountains around.

The section of the river can be chosen by you, according to your preferences and desires. We can take you on all the different Soča River sections from class I to class IV rapids.

The whole tour takes approximately 3 hours which includes transport, preparation, and the main part – paddling the river.

An additional benefit is that you don’t need any previous experience. Just bring your swimsuit and a towel, and we’ll take care of everything else.

To have a safe descent, passengers should’t be taller than 185 cm and weight should’t exceed 85 kg.

Price: 160 eur